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Tuscan people is hot!

Effects of heat waves on tourism and health


The "heat wave" phenomenon, which can be defined as at least three consecutive days with the maximum daily temperature above a certain threshold, has been recorded to be increasing all over Europe, with repercussions on all sectors (energy, agriculture, health, tourism, etc), and an impressive impact on summer mortality of population, in particular elder people living in urban areas. In Tuscany, the mortality among elder people is estimated to have increased by 9-13% due to the summer 2003 heat waves.


The Tuscany region

Both elder people (the 23% of the Tuscan population) and tourists (annual tourists’ arrivals are about 10 millions and growing in Tuscany) are included in the population groups more subject to the effects of heat waves.

What will be the impact of climate change, and therefore of future heat waves, on Tuscan population and tourists? How should be organized both health system and civil protection in order to cope with these effects? Does tourist sector need to be re-planned in the view of climate change?


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