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MEDIATION papers at Adaptation Governance Symposium


MEDIATION team members presented two papers at the international symposium on Adaptation Governance, held from 22-23 March 2012 in Amsterdam, The Netherlands ( ). Jochen Hinkel presented a paper on the question “Which framing of adaptation is adequate?” in which a number of decision-trees were proposed for a number of policy and research questions that climate change adaptation decision-makers can have, dependent on the stages in the policy cycle. In the integrated methodology that will be developed by MEDIATION, these decision trees will be coupled to available decision-support methods and tools. Saskia Werners presented a paper on “Turning points in climate change adaptation” in which adaptation turning points are proposed as a way of framing adaptation questions that better matches the questions that decision-makers have than the traditional top-down approach that starts with downscaling climate model information. Adaptation turning points address the timeframe until when current policies, practices or infrastructure will be sufficient to withstand projected climate impacts, and by when alternative strategies will be required.


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