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MEDIATION output (D2.2)

Overview on selected output from MEDIATION

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D2.2: Report on design of improved methods and metrics for quantifying impacts and vulnerability




Many frameworks and methods for assessing adaptation have been developed over the last 20 years, yet these have not generally been adopted in the context of formal adaptation policies in Europe and elsewhere. Reasons and problems include: (i) a fragmentation of methods and tools, (ii) a lack of linkages to actual policy needs, (iii) a lack of understanding and communication of uncertainties, (iv) the often expert-based nature and complexity of methods used versus actual user demands, and (v) a lack of consistent data, definitions and metrics. Deliverable 2.2 systematically addresses those critical issues by developing and applying a toolbox, defined as a set of models, methods and metrics geared towards the assessment of impacts and vulnerability and adaptation options.

We report on the progress made and problems encountered during the first iteration of work leading to a toolbox prototype, which is applied to the regional case studies. The report begins with an overview of climate change impact, vulnerability, and assessment frameworks as well as existing toolbox platforms, and outlines areas of improvement to be applied to the MEDIATION toolbox. We then present a conceptual blueprint of the toolbox design, and describe the next steps to be taken to create a solution oriented platform, based on inputs from the MEDIATION case studies and outside sources.


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