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MEDIATION output (D4.5)

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D4.5: Final report on the Integrated Methodology


Abstract  pdf-logo_bw


This document is the final deliverable of WP4 of the MEDIATION project and as such builds on previous deliverables, in particular the typology of methods and the typology of problems. As a response to the mid-term review, which suggested that we have too many deliverables, we merged deliverable D4.4 on metrics with deliverable D4.5 on the integrated methodology. Merging those two deliverables seems reasonable as metrics are inseparably connected to methodologies and we thus now present the two together.

Note also that we decided now to relabel what was called integrated methodology in the MEDIATION description of work (DOW) to diagnostic framework as the former term frequently led to misunderstandings as we presented preliminary results of this project. Generally, researchers in the fields of climate change vulnerability, impacts and adaptation understand under a methodology a particular approach or combination of research methods applied in a particular case. In the MEDIATION DOW, we were, however, referring to methodology in its original sense as a general system of approaches and methods applied in a particular research domain.

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