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MEDIATION output (D5.1)

Overview on selected output from MEDIATION

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D5.1: Database of spatial information relevant for climate change impacts, vulnerability and adaptation assessment




Access to this deliverable is restricted. If you are interested in this deliverable, please contact the coordinator.


Deliverable D5.1 describes the approach towards a database of spatial information as part of the MEDIATION common platform. The database is being designed against the background that for practical reasons it is most appropriate that spatial data, e.g., to be used as input for the case studies, remains at the respective sites of the various consortium members and is managed there independently. Thus, the database will be set up for (i) management of central spatial meta data and (ii) a pool of selected spatially explicit data to be made available via the common platform, e.g., respective result data generated within MEDIATION’s case studies. To support intuitive representation of multi-dimensional spatio-temporal data, an interactive MEDIATION  atlas is being developed.

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