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MEDIATION output (D5.4)

Overview on selected output from MEDIATION

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D5.4: Report on development of the platform; complete system and modules online




Access to this deliverable is restricted. If you are interested in this deliverable, please contact the coordinator.

The MEDIATION Adaptation Platform itself is online available and can be accessed without password protection since June 2013 here:


This report outlines content and main features of the web-based MEDIATION Adaptation Platform. The platform aims to make central results of the project - Integrated Methodology and Toolbox, together with case study information - accessible to a wider audience. In order to do so, it provides three interlinked components, the Adaptation Pathfinder, the Toolbox and the Case Study Navigator. In addition, access to a series of Technical Policy Briefing Notes on decision support methods for climate change adaptation produced within the project has been integrated.

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