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MEDIATION output (D5.7)

Overview on selected output from MEDIATION

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D5.7: Monitoring and Evaluation Report: based on regular evaluations of the integrated platform including verification and validation through stakeholder workshops




The Mediation Common Platform (CP) helps to specify the tasks that have to be performed to address climate hazards effectively. It provides access to a Toolbox with methods and tools that are suitable to inform decision-making, dependent on the situation. It does this through the Mediation Adaptation Pathfinder. The decision trees in this Task Navigator have been derived from a number of diverse case studies in different parts of Europe.
This deliverable is based on the ‘progress report’ generated from SEI’s PMEC system (PMEC, 2010). PMEC has been used to capture much of the feedback on the development of the Mediation Common Platform (CP) during project partner meetings and project review steps. The output of PMEC can be found in sections 3-6 and in the Appendices below. In section 2 we provide background to the M&E method, and PMEC tool. Section 3 gives details on the partners we worked with in project monitoring and evaluation activities, and section 4 explains the tasks undertaken, the process and the results. Feedback relating to a series of surveys is summarised at the start of section 4. Other feedback on the outcomes of the project is organised into tables in section 4, focusing on different parts of the CP (IM, toolkit, training etc), different objectives of the project, and different partners involved. There are also sub-sections on unanticipated results and lessons learnt. Section 5 concludes on the findings of the monitoring and evaluation.

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