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MEDIATION output (D6.2)

Overview on selected output from MEDIATION

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D6.2: Plan for MEDIATION training on the integrated methodology and supporting materials




Access to this deliverable is restricted. If you are interested in this deliverable, please contact the coordinator.


This deliverable explains the preliminary methodological framework for the development of training materials as the basis for workshops and other training activities which will be developed and applied as described in the description of Work of the MEDIATION project. Training activities will be developed around the central output of the project, i.e. an “Integrated Methodology” that links decision-support methods and tools to a structured set of research and policy questions. The Integrated Methodology follows the policy cycle of (1) assessing climate impacts and vulnerability (both social and climate related); (2) assessing options, (3) implementation of adaptation options; (4) evaluation of adaptation options. Target groups for the training materials are decision-makers and policy makers working on adaptation to climate change as well as students who are to be decision-makers in their future careers. This report defines the goal, scope, target audience and type of content of the training materials that will be developed in the second half of the MEDIATION program or in the last year of the project’s lifetime, when communicable results are expected to become available and training materials will be developed and tested. Hopefully, the training materials can be used even after the program is finished. Working together wit established partners and other programmes will ensure content will remain available.

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