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MEDIATION output (D6.3)

Overview on selected output from MEDIATION

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D6.3: Testing the MEDIATION Methodology and Platform with students and policy makers (Regional user workshops)




Access to this deliverable is restricted. If you are interested in this deliverable, please contact the coordinator.


The MEDIATION Adaptation Platform, and its core three elements, i.e. Adaptation Pathfinder, Toolbox, and Case Studies database, was ready for testing in January 2013. A series of user workshops took place in the first half of the year. Each user workshop provided a number of recommendations from the users’ view points. These requests and suggestions were incorporated into the Platform, and the following workshop has tested them and commented on their functionality as well. The trainers in the workshops adopted different approaches in terms of the designing the exercises for the participants, and the comments of the participants reflect the difference in the approaches. In the present Deliverable 6.3 one can find the exercises designed for the potential users of the MEDIATION Adaptation Platform, approaches the participants took towards the exercises, comments of the participants, and comments on the new features of the Platform introduced following the comments of the previous training rounds.

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