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MEDIATION output (D6.4)

Overview on selected output from MEDIATION

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D6.4: Plan for dissemination and use beyond MEDIATION's end




This report summarises the plan for dissemination and use of results and materials produced by the MEDIATION project beyond the project’s end. There will be no formal follow-up of the MEDIATION project in the context of FP7 or H2020 beyond the end of the project in June 2013. The responsibility for possible follow-up in other contexts depends on the success of initiatives by the coordinator and the project partners, which are summarised in this deliverable. These initiatives will be built on a number of different outcomes of the project, such as:

  • Written output, including formal project report deliverables, papers in scientific journals, a synthesis brochure and a number of technical briefing notes, and other printed outputs;
  • Electronic output, including the MEDIATION website, the MEDIATION Platform and MEDIATION materials available or accessible through other platform such as Climate-ADAPT and WeADAPT; and
  • Knowledge transfer through capacity building, training and other initiatives and networks.

In the following chapters, we summarise the different dissemination and outreach activities that can be sustained after the end of the project, and which are dependent on the identification of additional resources.


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