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MEDIATION output (D7.8)

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D7.8: Report on awareness and wider societal implications




Access to this deliverable is restricted. If you are interested in this deliverable, please contact the coordinator.


This “Report on awareness and wider societal implications” of the MEDIATION project summarizes how the project has had and will have an impact on the science and policy of climate change adaptation in Europe. In order to evaluate this impact, first the state-of-the-art at the beginning of the project is briefly revisited, followed by the developments in the science and policy of climate change adaptation during the projects lifetime. Then, the main findings of the project are summarized, followed by a discussion on their potential implications for society. Then, the main possibilities for further disseminating using the MEDIATION output are summarized, referring to a more elaborate description in Deliverable 6.4 - Possibilities for future usage and development of MEDIATION results. The report ends with the main gaps and research recommendations that can be derived from the project’s experiences.

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