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WP1: Decision-making context for assessment of vulnerability, impacts and related adaptation


The core idea of WP1 is to define climate change adaptation policy needs and decision domains, map the institutional context and knowledge networks, review the outcomes of existing impacts, vulnerability and adaptation policy and implementation, and to review the methods that would provide the appropriate level of decision screening for that outcome. This should also provide practical guidance to the user (decision-maker choosing a method in a particular policy context).

Traditionally, research on vulnerability and adaptation has been based on climate impact assessment, with a progression towards devising hotspots of vulnerability, and more recently detailed protocols for vulnerability assessment. However, a "bottom-up" approach (risk-of-policy-approach, assess-act-learn, etc.) is suggested to complement the classical "top-down” framing "predict-optimize-act". This will still include a range of stakeholders relevant to exploring the decision domain and policy needs in different European governance contexts.


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