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WP2: Methods and metrics for assessing impacts and vulnerability


The main objective of this workpackage is to develop and apply a toolbox, defined as a set of models, methods and metrics for the assessment of impacts and vulnerability and adaptation options. We will apply the toolbox to salient adaptation problems identified in the MEDIATION case studies. The remit of this workpackage is to provide (mostly) quantitative impact and vulnerability assessment tools and models for the specific case studies in close collaboration with the contextualisation, user interfacing, design and evaluation of adaptation options.  To the iterative development of the integrated methodology, WP 2 has two key contributions: (i) a toolbox in terms of a set of models, methods and metrics for the assessment of impacts, vulnerability and adaptation, (ii) Critical reflection on the suitability and limitations of the toolbox to the given adaptation problems. The contribution of WP 2 to the common platform logically emerges from these two contributions in terms of providing and documenting the tools, models and databases.

Contact: Reinhard Mechler, IIASA

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