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WP4: The MEDIATION Integrated Methodology


Climate change adaptation is far from being one distinct, well-defined problem but rather stands for a huge diversity of different types of problems. In one case, adaptation might mean to build dikes, in another case to raise awareness and yet in another case it might mean to develop a policy that provides incentives for people to adapt. Against this background, tackling adaptation is challenging due to two reasons:

  1. A systematic analysis of the different types of problems addressed under the label “adaptation” is so far lacking. Despite the diversity of scales, actors and scientific disciplines involved, often only a small set of general and abstract concepts such as vulnerability, adaptive capacity and resilience are applied in discussing adaptation.
  2. Methods and tools have not been systematically related to the problems addressed. While there are multitudes of methods, frameworks, guidelines and toolboxes to choose from, there is little guidance on which of  them is appropriate for a given problem.

WP4 of MEDIATION addresses this challenge through developing an “integrated methodology” (IM) for climate change adaptation consisting of a collection of typical problems encountered in this domain associated with  methods suitable for addressing them. A more specific terminology will be developed that goes beyond the currently used abstract terms and does justice to the wide variety of problems addressed. The IM will be developed in three steps:

  1. First, we will empirically analyse the climate change adaptation problems stakeholders are confronted with in the context of several adaptation domains from the local to the European scale.
  2. Second, we will systematically order the available methods and tools.
  3. Finally we will link the problems to the methods and tools.

The resulting IM will enable its users to identify the type of adaptation problem she is confronted with as well as to select methods/tools appropriate for addressing these.

Jochen Hinkel
(Draft 0)

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