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WP5: MEDIATION Common platform


Decision makers face three bottlenecks for efficient decision making with regard to climate change impacts, vulnerabilities and adaptation. First, many stakeholders experience an information problem, i.e. knowledge about climate impacts is diverse and scattered and is therefore not easily accessible, but also often not interpretable for stakeholders. The second problem is an uncertainty problem. It is often confusing to decision-makers that different scientific concepts and definitions for key issues like vulnerability exist, and that there are different types of uncertainties, e.g. between model-related and forcing-related uncertainties. The third problem is a capacity problem, i.e. political institutions typically do not have enough manpower and expertise at hand to interpret the huge amount of available data.

The focus of WP5 therefore is the development of a decision support framework (the common platform) as a tool capable of the evaluation and strategic planning of adaptation measures and strategies with regard to hydro-meteorological and climate changes and extremes. The common platform will provide integrated web-enabled access to the MEDIATION toolbox, as well as to literature hints, spatially resolved climate impact and vulnerability maps, knowledge about regional adaptation, and guidelines how to use the information, taking due account of uncertainties.

The design of the common platform will be developed iteratively in close cooperation with the other work packages: initial designs will be reviewed by the other WPs and improved in a stepwise manner. In turn, WPs 1-4 will draw upon the information developed in WP5. Together with WP1-4, WP5 will develop a framework which considers the homogeneity of the case study regions and sectors, of the underlying data and of the potential output and tools.





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